Basic Knife & Axe Safety Course

Duration: Half Day
Type: Bushcraft Training Course
Availability: All year round
Price: From £40 per person

About this Adventure

Our bushcraft courses are flexible and tailored to the participants. This half-day course will teach you the basics of knife, axe and saw safety, what each of the tools are used for, and how best to use them effectively.

Quick Info

This is a half-day course in basic knife, axe and saw safety. It is available as a pre-planned event which individuals may book on to and join in, or as a private training session at your own premises. This course is ideally run outside in a grassy area with plenty of room to spread out. It can be run indoors if necessary as well.

The course will cover the safe storage, handling, and use of fixed-bladed knives, folding knives, hand axes, felling axes, folding saws, and bow saws. We can look at any special requirements that you may have as well.

During the course each person will learn the basics of holding the tools, and use them to carry out basic cuts to soft-wood. If you would like to learn more advanced carving and axe-handling techniques, then please see our other courses.

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