Six Day Wild HOG Challenge

Venue: Knoydart, Scotland
Duration: Six days, five nights
Type: Survival Adventure
Availability: April to October
Price: From £556 per person

About this Adventure

The ultimate challenge in wilderness survival! Three days intensive training in survival techniques, then a 60 hour challenge in the wild country of Knoydart. Water, shelter, fire, food - will you survive and make it back to civilisation!

Quick Info

The Wild HOG Challenge is our most difficult and challenging survival adventure. You will undergo intensive training for the first three days with our team of survivalist intructors. This is a difficult course, and you need to make the most of it, as your success for the next 60 hours will depend on it. Following this is the 60 hour survival challenge, where you will find yourself in the most remote area of Knoydart, with the task of securing the essentials of life, before recovering yourself back to civilisation. This is an arduous and rewarding challenge, but only the most brave, cunning, and strong will survive!

Following your every move will be the instructors from base camp. They will monitor your progress, and assess your achievements. They are not there to provide assistance, but they will pull anybody out of the challenge, at least temporarily, if they are putting themselves at risk, or require medical attention.

Regular Wild HOG Challenges are available on our events page. If you have a party of your own that you would like to hold a challenge for, then contact us for a private event. For everybody's enjoyment and safety, we limit numbers on this adventure to a maximum of 10.

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