Six Day Wild HOG Challenge

Venue: Knoydart, Scotland
Duration: Six days, five nights
Type: Survival Adventure
Availability: April to October
Price: From £556 per person

About this Adventure

The ultimate challenge in wilderness survival! Three days intensive training in survival techniques, then a 60 hour challenge in the wild country of Knoydart. Water, shelter, fire, food - will you survive and make it back to civilisation!

Detailed Info

Knoydart is known as the UK's last great wilderness. There are around 100 people still living on the peninsula, mainly in the village of Inverie. As a result, you will meet very few people, and there is very little in the way of assistance if you become injured during the challenge. This is a challenge in remote and wild country, and you need to be fully prepared.


The challenge begins with training at a venue close to Inverie, although we need to get there first. Knoydart is not accessible by road, so we will reach it by fast RIB across Loch Nevis from Mallaig. We will meet you at a convenient place in Mallaig early on the first day. The exact time will depend somewhat on the tides, but we aim to get across to Inverie by 11:00am.

Day 1

Meet at Mallaig in the early morning. Travel across to Inverie by RIB.

Intensive training begins with the basic skills of survival:

  • Knife Safety & Use
  • Shelter
  • Fire in the Wilderness
  • Basic survival food preparation

Day 2

Your training continues on the second day with the important methods of collecting food and water, then you have your first taste of life in the wilderness, with a night exercise designed to test your skills so far:

  • Foraging, traps and snares
  • Water collection and preparation
  • Night Exercise

Day 3

Day 3 brings with it a session on first aid, and how to handle emergency situations in the wild. You will then go out in the mountains to learn about navigation in difficult conditions, and the safe crossing of mountain ranges.

  • First Aid Training
  • Mountain Navigation

You will finish off your training late on the third evening around a campfire with your instructors, where you will hear stories of their previous adventures, and learn how they coped in the type of situation that you will find yourself in. This is your last chance to glean any final information about the Knoydart Peninsula - it's geography, wildlife, climate, resources - which will be invaluable to you tomorrow.

Day 4-6

Today you prepare for your adventure. You will have only the pack that you were provided on day one, and you will be taken to a remote part of the peninsula by boat where your 60 hour challenge begins!

You will be expected to secure the four essentials of survival - water, fire, shelter, food. Without these you cannot succeed in your challenge. Use your skills to get the most out of your surroundings, without expending all of your energy first!

Once you have secured your hold on life, you must begin your recovery to civilisation. You may be only 20 km from your objective, but with no map, and no compass, this may be too far for you to handle. Your understanding of the geography of Knoydart, and your training at crossing mountainous regions, will be as important as your skills at collecting water. Remember - not everybody will pass this challenge. Will you?


You will be provided a kit list prior to the event. In essence, you will need to bring with you your personal clothing, including worn-in boots and full waterproofs. It is vital to bring plenty of layers in order to keep warm at altitude and in the open at night. You will be provided with a pack of equipment on arrival at Knoydart. This will contain all of the technical equipment that you will be permitted for this challenge. It won't be heavy, but that's because you will be living off the land!

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