Five Day Knoydart Survival Adventure

Venue: Knoydart, Scotland
Duration: Five days, four nights
Type: Survival Adventure
Availability: April to October
Price: From £480 per person

About this Adventure

Based in the remote north of the Knoydart Wilderness for five days, you will learn to use the land to your advantage. You will sleep in hammocks, collect water from the land, learn to make fire and shelter, and find food from the sea. You will also experience the majestic mountains of Knoydart, with two mountain days led by experience mountain leaders.

Detailed Info

Knoydart is remote and full of dangers, visible and otherwise. While we aim to make the most of the wilderness, and take advantage of the peace and tranquility that this brings, your safety and enjoyment is our main priority. With that in mind, we will issue you a kit list and information pack before your trip. Please read this and ensure that you are fully prepared for your adventure!


There is no easy way to reach Knoydart except by boat. Your adventure will begin at the harbour in Mallaig, where we will collect you in a fast RIB and take you across to the northern side of Knoydart. You will be returned to the same point at the end of the adventure.

Day 1

Meet at Mallaig in the early morning. Travel across to Knoydart by RIB. You will begin by finding a suitable place to set up your camp, and learning how to set up your hammocks and tarps. Once you have shelter you will learn how to collect and grade firewood, and how to create fire using a number of techniques.

Day 2

On the second day you will learn how to collect and purify water so that it is safe to drink. This is how you will obtain drinking water for the next few days, so pay attention! You will also learn more advanced knife and axe techniques which you will be using for the remainder of the adventure.

Day 3

On the third day you will go on a foraging trip and learn how to set snares. You will also be given a master class in the preparation of game, and how to cook it over open fires, which could come in useful on day 4.

Day 4 & 5

For the next two days you will practice and refine your new-found skills, and learn how to use natural materials to produce useful items. You will also learn more advanced survival techniques in relation to mountainous terrain, while tackling one of Knoydart's Munros.


You will be provided with a kit-list prior to the trip, which you should read carefully and bring everything that will keep you safe in the wilderness. In essence you will need suitable warm clothing and waterproofs, sturdy boots, a rucksack capable of carrying all your kit, and any personal items. If you have your own bushcraft equipment then feel free to bring it along with you, but remember that you need to be able to carry everything for a distance from the coast.

Your guides will bring along all specialist equipment and safety kit.

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